WOX access analysis specification

Log retention period
  • 4 months for free users
  • Premium users are 1 year
Number of analysis pages Unlimited
Installation method An analysis tag issued between <body> and </body> in the HTML file is set up.
Analysis content
  • Basic analysis: raw log · hourly · daily · hourly
  • Referer: by page, by site, by domain, by search engine, by search word
  • Visitor: Provider · Country / Language · Prefecture · Repeater · Duration
  • Terminal information: OS, browser, monitor
Aggregation of analysis results 5 minute interval
Analysis excluded IP function Present
Access limit Currently there is no limitation.
Commercial use Yes
Adult content Yes (content contrary to Japanese law is not allowed)
Advertisement display
  • For free users, the logo of WOX is displayed at analysis.
  • You can hide premium users.
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