Service overview

Easy installation by simply pasting the tag

Expert knowledge and troublesome operation are unnecessary at all, access analysis can be set up with easy operation just putting a tag on the place where you want to set up access analysis.

You can choose the banner displayed when analyzing

For free users, WOX's banner will be displayed for about 3 seconds during analysis, but you can choose from this "burner type" "normal" "yellow" "blue" "pink" "monotone" so it matches the atmosphere of the content You can display banners.
In addition, banners can be "hidden" only for premium users.

You can specify analysis exclusion IP

You can specify an IP address that you do not want to analyze.
It is usually better to specify your own IP address.

Rich analysis result

  1. Basic analysis (log · hourly · daily · hourly)
  2. Referer (by page, site, domain, search engine, search word)
  3. Visitor (provider / country / language · prefecture · repeater · staying time)
  4. Terminal information (OS, browser, monitor)

Ads will not show

For free users, WOX logo (link banner to WOX) is displayed for about 3 seconds when analyzing, and troublesome pop-up advertisements etc. are not displayed at all.
In addition, premium users can hide banners.
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